my dear Lilith


That week before found me in the workroom doing a blood (in water) scry for some answers on path. What was needed and what was to fall away..the spiral staircase, alligator (again), owl, and an old house by the wood. I’m still working on some of it.

I trekked down to the river with Lola to put our feet in the mud. We gathered some things for a new friend and I collected some river water for my own use. Remembering talks from our trip, I gave a special offering, and quietly promised to spend more time another day.

The Wee Free tribe, as we are affectionately calling it, met later to touch on how our workings were going and I learned much in discussion about my Lilith moon.. apparently she’s a bit of a dirty girl (to everyone’s amusement) with a lot of things to work on. This shook me up a bit as I don’t like seeing myself in some of those lights, not the sexuality – I own that, but the other things. I had much to think on.

Is this me, in the deep dark? I was charted quite apart from the others and I found myself considering the name gifted to me by the Unci on that day of lodge.. and I felt very isolated.


*just a note – I know much to nothing about astrology other than what I read in the checkout line and the following is a favor to me from the lovely Achtland on the Lilith moon..

“Called the Black Moon, the Dark Moon, or just Lilith, all three of these names are found in astrology. They represent an asteroid named Lilith found in out birth chart that is used to show us ths representative of the darker side of our nature, the negative side. It is the hidden depths that we know exist, yet we prefer not to acknowledge. It is the refusal to see what is really within ourselves. It is the kind of thing that we intrinsically know we have to deal with, confront the darker side in order to progress unhindered, yet most often we try to ignore. It is the deeper truth that we are forever in search of within ourselves. We use the knowledge the Dark Moon brings us to explore our hidden depths, realise that we all have that darker side and go within to resolve that which ultimately hinders us.”


the maiden, the mother, and, you know– the other one

Walking Bear and I have been having many conversations here recently on the other one and how she has been so present in my life of late. He has brought me great wisdom on the matter of initiations, changes, and so much other. I tend to be lax in my movement at times, even when it so obviously pushes at me.

I was cleaning about the house, doing all those non-witchy things one must do in the here, when I found the notes. I had taken them sometime after Yule of last and somehow they had slipped away. I have mentioned my dreams of Baba and how she was to help me in the knowledge of the wildwood amongst such other things… and so she has, so she has.

I had fallen short of my workings with her for this or that reason and never did make it back… which brings me to these found notes of threes– I immediately thought of the bloody lady. Is there to be another, a third? I think so. Also, much like the bloody lady’s task, my notes of Baba were missing the last…


blue moon 8/31 (past or future date?)

the man

fish, snake, bird (i keep seeing triads)

       –possibly representative of the boundaries

fae lights, fires & a rustling in the green… growling

       –a warning?

       –drawing travelers from a safe path

dark waters & the night sky

eyes, the windows of her hut, moving hut on chicken legs

Baba Yaga humming to the spider, anxiety

       –she rules over the elements, grandmother spider? imagery of a wise woman

       –guardian of the waters of life & death, bone mother, nature spirit, bringing wisdom & death of ego & through death, rebirth

       –bringer of the knowledge of the wildwood, the plants will tell you what you need to know

And later:

I ask the cards, three times three, what does Baba want?

Rustling in the brush, it was there in the mirror. Knight of arrows, hawk falls out, he is watching– this is the man?

Arrows– the intuitive mind, departing the spring equinox is the hawk, master of air element & messenger of fate. Can help you through doubt at the heart of the matter. Use your common sense.

What does Baba want?

Seven of vessels, mourning… the bowls & the skull symbols stand out. Feeling of oppression & darkness overshadows.

Vessels– emotions, relationships, of the heart, wavy lines on the skull (saw these lines at the first as well). Through to autumn–Samhain. Recovery after failure, being at peace with the past.

… And the third is missing.